2016 Election Campaign "flip flopper" Edition

If I recall properly a "flip flopper" is someone who changes their mind at a whim or possibly when additional information comes to light to make them see a different point of view or even so much validation of otherwise what they believed in their heart of hearts was disproved and so what choice did they have but to succumb to another outcome and a change of mind, got that?
Yup, I bet you do.
And so I am on that verge of changing my mind of what I thought to cover all of my qualifications in that job interview simplicity that I mentioned last night for that almighty position of head of our fair country, with the moniker, president. As an employer for our own businesses and manager for someone else's international corporation over many years of hiring and firing people those were a few of the many jobs I did have, and sure enough some times we found polished jewels amongst the many wanting employment and at times we found chunks of non precious stones, duds that had to be tossed.
You see, choosing our head of government is a little more complicated and today someone enlightened me into becoming not so sure about that so-called clear cut choice of mine last night with my oh so logical reasoning to support it, sadly I forgot the "grey factor", and I am not referring to hair color.
I am usually the one who insisted that not all things in life were right or wrong, black or white, good or bad and I suppose I temporarily forgot sadly, but there are grey tones in all things considered especially in human nature. The things that fall between the cracks the neither right or wrong, good or bad, nor black or white.
We as living creatures are NOT simple, but much more complex than many allow us to recognize.
Blanket statements of opinions should be welcomed with enthusiastic fact checking before taken as the gospel.
I am now in reevaluation mode.
Weighing the truths set before me that will allow me to make that all too critical decision in that private tiny booth that we vote in, although mine is a mailer, done in the privacy of our home with my Hubby.
It never hurts one to admit that they might have made a mistake, heaven knows I make them regularly and admitting them has become a whole lot easier as I have grown older.

So my love for Bernie as a human being and he also reminding me of a lovable old uncle not on either side of my family but if I had one he would have been it, it came to my attention that not only was he more than likeable and too young to be my uncle, but highly capable to do the job, and let's face it his hair is already grey, a plus.
About the hair, but not about him.
I was shown that he slightly misspoke about the leadership of North Korea, he knew and he also has many plans on how to handle the world wars throughout this world as well as at home.
I must study.
Before I choose.
But I also must admit until his slight slip up he had been my favorite.
Nothing definite (I think B is my best choice though, hush.) at this point though I have time and you do too, so study up and get out those fact checkers.
This is no joke and one vote can make a difference!
Our generation of Baby Boomers knows this and now you do too.

On this note of trying to be an educated voter and this from that long ago young women who wrote her journalism paper on giving the right to eighteen year olds to vote circa 1969 as a nineteen year old college student and receiving an A for that effort with substantial research of others in government who had felt the same historically.
Knowing what you are doing besides casting that vote without much thought placed behind it is just as bad as not voting at all, truly!
Any-who, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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