Storm watch here

We have been informed that in the wee hours of the morning the storm will be arriving!
All anyone can do is to hunker down inside, secure objects outside.
If a tornado is in the area about to hit go into a windowless room like a walk in closet or inner laundry room, a tub with mattress will do in a bind. Unfortunately, our laundry although inside its door goes to the garage and we do not have any walk in closets. Although, our laundry would be the safest Hubby just said. We used the hallway with all doors closed for the hurricane.
Being prepared is the most important for survival in any wild storm system.
Our phones have severe weather alerts on them as well as us having a weather radio.
Between 5-7 A.M. or even as early as 2-3 A.M. the meteorologist on NBC TV just said that the storm will be coming in.
Hope we all get lucky again with no people hurt.
Things can be replaced.

Thank heaven for good insurance!
Wind, flood, homeowners, even here we have sinkhole insurance, sure why not and yes we do?
Boat and car also.
And we have health, hospital etc. insurances.
So we are all set!

Now I dare that storm to mess with us!
No trouble please storm?

I am a little bit concern truly; wouldn't be right not to be.

Moving on...

Hubby was working hard all day on getting ready for the new fan.
He located the center of our living room, but a beam was in the way so he moved the hole an inch over and that was fine. Ace hardware had a new grand opening with 20% off all day, had most of the hardware for the project except the expandable bar to hold it, Home Depot had that.
We have no attic, I know shocking, hmm?
So in order to feed the wire he had to go through the soffits into the garage then he will be going through the laundry room through its switch through to the living room for a new switch behind his chair, yup!
Or he could have waited for another hurricane when we lost our roof and the ceiling had to be replaced and so all new fixtures were able to be installed by Hubby then before new sheetrock, bite my tongue on the eve of another nasty storm, fooey! ppppppppppt! (Hope I did not jinx us!)

Any-who, it was the only way now and so it is prepped for the new fan's arrival Monday.
Hope that's all that will need to be done.

On this note of keeping good wishes for not too harsh weather, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask all of you to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS Yesterday's tornado was an EF1 which means it was 100 mph sustained winds that hit in Lee County Florida, south of us.

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