Our DNA results are in from ancestry.com!

Mine was NOT very surprising, but Hubby's was for him:

The interesting thing is that for some reason they think that you would want it to be a secret, but that is not why we did it we wanted to know if our family history was different from what we thought, and Hubby's was a bit. You see he was told he was all German or Prussian since his Mom arrived in 1926 from Germany and his father's family was from there too. And I too was a bit surprised since I was told  that my Mom's Dad was from Russia and her Mom was from England and on my Dad's side that I was Austrian. I knew I was a Jew, and Hubby knew that he was not and that did not change, but secretly I was hoping he was a little, a smidge a bissel Jewish, ya know.
Silly after nearly forty-five years of marriage next month.

Any-who, if at all interested the links I put up there are to our percentages of each region's ethnicity, quite interesting.
My most was 96%, while Hubby's was 59%, and it makes me sad because when his sister was a young Mom she actually called our sons mutts! If I were still talking to her I would send her these results! LOL! Who's the mutt now kiddo?
Some can be more like outlaws, ya know?
It makes me sad that our relationships with many of our relatives are very estranged.
Again due to the same stupidity that the world promotes.
Narrow-mindedness of ideas.
I'm too liberal for both my brother and sister outlaws, although to be fair my sister outlaw is A-political, she is not unlike too many millennials, but a baby boomer, she will NOT watch the news since she cannot handle it; I never understood how she could be married to a vice president of a company and not be able to discuss current events.
On the other hand my brother-out-law is an NRA card carrying Republican, enough said, hmm?
And to him I am a communist, not actually, but to him I am.
And both have made anti-Semitic comments, thus our difficulties.
Even so Hubby still insists he is half Jewish, his better half.
And said I should fudge on his results and email them to his family saying that he is 80% Jewish!
Gotta love the guy!


Dirty laundry.
But seriously, we all have it in our families.
The only parent still alive of ours is Hubby's ninety-five year old Mom with dementia in a Pennsylvania nursing home, nearby his sister.
Lotsa of nieces and nephews that we have heard from with holiday cards, usually Christmas, never Hanukkah. I mail them Christmas.
Oh well.

Such is life.

Good happy healthy safe night to all!

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