Full Moon tonight!

And you all know what that means, hmm?
Half price on large pizzas at Bocca Lupo's!
Hubby is picking up two of those pizzas now with a small Greek salad; one pizza to eat and one to freeze!
I bet you thought I was going to say WACKOS and Werewolves
wander tonight, okay, maybe that too... but other horrid things can happen during a full moon, perhaps that explains this all over very nasty weather too? ( Besides El Nino, double whammy!)

I did learn something today that blizzards are named too, why not, and this north easterner is now named too, with the moniker, JONAS!
I wonder how the brothers, Jonas that is, feel about their namesake?

Any-who, be safe friends!

Our high tide concerns thankfully have not had any reason for us to worry so far.
No flooding waves here yet.
We have had winds gusting over forty mph though.
Although, all winds are likely continuing over tomorrow too with higher tides.
Temperatures will be in the high thirties overnight and highs will only reach into the sixties during the day.

Our lives are mostly simple and unencumbered until life or nature intervenes; as for all of us.

On that note of not much note, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and let me ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS we only ate about half a pie and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow!

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