2016 not going well

Flooded from broken water heater, laundry room fortunately slopes into the garage!
I know at least our home isn't floating away; I do know things could have been worse. 
Decided to roast ahead some of our bounty of fresh veggies that we purchased on our grocery run for the month yesterday to freeze for later use.
Did you know that not all thick veggies roast well at the same temperatures, some disintegrate, but Geez we have them while some people don't have any, again it could have been much, much worse. 
Right now I am re-roasting a rotisserie chicken we froze a couple of weeks ago to go with the veggies, first defrosted it in the microwave, now the zapping is not supposed to be too healthy, better to defrost in the fridge, again at least we have it and the appliances to keep and heat the chicken, true.

Heck what am I complaining about?
People have homes floating away; I am so ashamed!

No hot water to wash the dishes, or shower for Hubby since he showers at night and I shower in the morning, so I already did.
Wonder where I put those paper plates? (Used the dishes and they washed fine, if need be we have bleach to disinfect, as we always did when we had our restaurant.)
But again we do have indoor plumbing with cold water and paper plates, now not needed, somewhere...yes! And many do not have any.
I so feel like crying for all those poor souls, but then I wonder why, since that wont help them or us.
Dawn detergent does work as well in cold water to clean, and if I have to I can still boil water on the stove!
Home Depot has a 30 gallon hot water heater ten dollars less than Lowe's both open today, yay, and Hubby said now he is going to move our squat little thirty gallon one out the laundry room door( eventually I will be getting more shelves where it was.) and the new one is going into our garage, also a thirty gallon, changed to a standard sized height one; absolutely no price difference between the two, would you believe? Hubby was an apprentice plumber while going through college! And he has built many a plumber's job from scratch.
That is why we ate already although we do eat at this time, early daily.
I had very little since my stomach has been acting up, too much good luck herring perhaps?
Any-who, less is better for this large gal, and I have taken all my tummy meds.
I suppose this fulfills the law of things happening in threes?
Although, not in the threes of broken appliances, so far only two the washer dryer combo that I just paid that whole credit card bill yesterday it isn't due until the middle of the month, but we received all pension and social security checks together, usually they come a few days apart, so I paid all bills we received yesterday.
Three others come later in the month, small ones, utility and cell and landline bills, our electric bill was way down due to being away last month and already paid yesterday with the others.
My new health insurance is the only one I allow drawn on our account and that's my new supplemental, full coverage for only fifteen dollars more a month without any co-pays, an "f" plan and I sure hope that we don't get "F'd" by it.The other "N" also was supposed to too, pick up those co-pays that is, but the "N" seemed to stand for"NOPE".
Oh well, our living room SONY WEGA bought back after the hurricane has been acting oddly, its color is fading and will not adjust no matter how many times we try...a few years back we actually paid a few hundred to get it fixed and was fine until now, it cost 1K way back in 2004 new, now it is so heavy @ 160 pounds and only a 32", but fills the shelf due to its width! Number One Son had given us two new ones, TVs that is, the one in the sun-room is  forty-six inches and wont fit in the living room, too big, ha, nice problem, hmm, and the other one we have in our bedroom, although a 32" is much leaner, they both are those thin trim ones it would not fill the space/opening, what another silly problem, I know...
Now the prices have come down significantly if need be and that appliance doesn't worry me as much as the central heat/air system going or major kitchen appliances, Geez this is NO GOOD new year I was not supposed to worry!
Forgive me...

Moving onward...
On this note of changing the subject, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

 And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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