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Ask a question and...

Image would expect an answer.
But not always.
We, in southwest Florida had wanted to know why a congressman, Tres Radel, who was caught red handed with cocaine while "working" in Washington, D.C. and was arrested and was court ordered to go into rehab; we all wondered why he thought he would still be the right one to represent his district down  here? Most residents aren't coke heads; that means not much in common with him, ya know? Everyone here felt he should reconsider his consistent reasoning to stay and until today he was staid, but yep, he finally quit.

Rumor has it that he was going to go under deep investigative scrutiny, and by stepping down today, surprise, the investigation stops for some reason, hmm?

Well, most of our questions have been answered here for that one, and now the district, just south of here will be running another election; five people are already chomping at the bit,to run, to replace him!

Good luck folks; a replacement election will be costing y…