Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh by the way...

Oddly enough while going through all those MRI's they found besides by spondylosis and stenosis going down my spine that had gotten slightly worse, my brain MRI showed that I have a sinus disease in only my left nostril, and oh yes, and they did prove to Hubby that a BRAIN was also quite visible with those nasty lesions from the MS in it, but that was initially proven years ago to us all with my first brain MRI...ha!

That nasal thingy is one of the many reasons I went to see that ENT yesterday.
My ears feel clogged and pained at times too and frighteningly my face also gets numb like most of the rest of my body during the day, also caused by the MS. Having all these diagnosed problems pretty soon you get confused on what is causing what, ya know? Middle ear problems can cause dizziness thus my reasoning why I also wanted that ruled out again with causing my most recent bout of vertigo dx'd by the ER. I had been DX'd with Ataxia that causes balance issues, since 2006 due to my Multiple Sclerosis. I also have unexplained hoarseness.

This ENT, whose wife too has MS said my ears were fine although MS can cause that sensation, but my throat problem could be caused by my nasal problem as well as my GERD, both ends or it could be even from the MS.

He gave me a prescription for steroid nostril spray used only in the left nostril, with eleven refills and recommended for me to take OTC allergy medication. I am always a little afraid to take anything with all the other stuff, but he had my list and said it would be fine. He did mention that my sinus issue could get worse and at that point he would do surgery. He asked about headaches and of course I do have those too.
Anyway, all in all I felt he was very thorough and dx'd me fully after examinations of all three body parts, my ears, nose and throat,  but of course that is what he does,and ENT, Ear Nose and Throat doctor!

Today was relax day again, although not for Hubby he mowed the lawn with his new mower.
Although, I too was busy with again resolving my own insurance issues.
Two problems still, my deductibles not moved from the old account to the new... and being billed due to that from the different providers with inaccurate amounts due to them not being paid properly. Aggravation when you receive a statement with the account number saying that I have met the deductible in three areas of their criteria and way over my current responsibility.
Plus that elusive premium amount that now they are saying represents a refunded discounted amount????

And so I spent longer doing that than Hubby did doing the lawn, but when he was done he had tangible evidence of his accomplishment; while mine is still being handled!
I have two reference numbers from claims and billing, and they both have given me an ETA of next week!
Anyone interested in some swampland?
In other words  I will believe it when I see it!

On that note I do hope to be able to trust people again who say they will fix it, allow me to be  the very first to wish you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share those overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, you hear?

Hear me world BEHAVE!

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