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Did not start as well as one may like to think?
I had been up most of the night, although my last awakening was nearly at seven thirty A. M. leaving some (Hubby) to believe that I had had a restful night’s sleep, but nope, no it was my comeuppance.
I did recall an over indulgence of spicy foods before bedtime, or more specifically said is that my tummy reminded me all night long…
I do know that I have the inexplicable desire to add jalapeños into any and all salads I eat, i.e. lettuce and tomato type ones, olives too. I have been known to add jalapeños on top of many and all sandwiches, especially tuna but also my surimi crab salad, made at home too, lettuce, and tomato on multi-grain bread with light mayo and all the above, and a nice Kosher spicy dill pickle; my idea of a delish lunch-time home meal… I know that I am weird, no news there, hmm?
Mind you, no fish and no bread late at night, usually just mini lettuce, tomato, green onion, carrots radishes jalapeños, olives with either …