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ITS HERE...almost...

The oil is creeping closer to the Pensacola coast line; it is actually only nine miles away!
Frightening to us all in Florida, although we have a very long state and our proximity to that part of the state is hundreds of miles away.

Sadly one of our local reporters has been assigned to that job to wait and interview the victims of the disasters impingement on that shoreline, it should be touching down within the next day or two.
The reason that I know that this reporter is on her way is because she asked the question on Facebook, “On my way to Pensacola. Oil expected on FL shores within the next day or so. What questions do you have for the people up here?”

And I said, “First send them our prayers and hopes for a way to resolve this horrendous mess!
Then ask them how they are intending on handling the clean up?
And tell them to take every precaution available to them!
Let them know how they handle all of this will trickle down to us here because we are not that far behind them with t…