Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tired but the good kind of tired

Tonight we had our more scaled down version of a dinner party only two guests, but this is one of those times that quality over quantity counted, and it was definitely the case for this evening.

Good food and pleasant conversation what more could any nearly seniors want or desire.
And tonight we enjoyed both.

The day started with my mad rush to try and clean our home within an inch of a nosey inspectors concern, but none were coming with any white gloves so I do wonder at times what possesses me to think that way.
I do hope I came close in passing that test metaphorically speaking that is; it does seem that the only motivation to try for that type of clean is when we know that we are having company.
It is a good reason to get things in ship shape anyway.

My hubby is still hard at work cleaning the grill from his slow cooking of those great babyback ribs that he made.
As you must have guessed our guests have gone.

And to tell the truth I am pooped too.

So tonight will be just this short little Blob of a Blog.

Good night to all and to all count your blessings and I will too.

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