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Early celebration

Monday November 17th will be my husband's 59th birthday, and he will be NOT the same age as me for 7 ½ months again, but as we all know not even presidents get to celebrate their birthdays on their actual days anymore.
We are all slaves to time factors of availability of days off from jobs and other prearranged commitments, thus creating our celebratory times to not always coincide with the exact date of their original occurrence of them happening, we in other words grab the hip hooray when the accessibility is to all who care to venture in the occasion.
Got it?
And that is why we were having a birthday celebration four days before the actual time of my husband’s entre into this world; our son was off from work today and thus he trekked the 200 miles round trip to visit and tell his Dad happy birthday with medium fanfare and a lovely lunch at a sports bar restaurant!

Presidents are also allowed to celebrate together, but once long ago they had separate days to do that, now we have Pr…