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And the winner is...

Ralph Nader...KIDDING!
In reality...
Presenting President elect Barack Obama!
Doesn’t that sound comfortably great and oh so right?
Finally and fortunately for all us Americans being of good character, calm in emotional situations, extremely intelligent is all back in fashion and the criteria for our newest go to guy.
Yes, it was official last night at 11P.M. EST on November 4.2008 that history was made and we went back to a choice of stability of judgment, hope and an attitude of yes we can!

Senator McCain’s Concession speech was quite gracious, and I would be amiss not to mention that; to be honest if he spoke that way on the campaign trail things may have been different for him in my opinion.

And as far as our president elect’s acceptance speech was it was eloquent and the culmination of all that was promised to become his term’s expectations amplified. Wow what a concise hopeful pledge to make the change we are all looking forward to and that we must all help to accomplish. Heaven knows …