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No more hokey weird stuff, okay?

I sorta promise.
Although..., nah I am feeling better than I did yesterday!

So with that statement I will move on to some more important topics... I'm thinking!
Give me a break, I tend to be a bit self absorbed when ill...bud dump dum...yup so that means that it's all of the time HA!

What frustrates you?
I will tell you even if you could care less of my unsolicited opinion, hmm.
This is my blog so there! I just stuck out my adult tongue at you!

Here's a spur of the moment list I compiled.
I am sure there are many more.

1. Pollyannas! People who smile all of the time no matter how bad things are! Get real!
2. An idiot commander and chief that cannot be gotten rid of and who knows that and he just does more horrid things as if thumbing his nose at the rest of us somewhat clearer more rationale thinkers even on our worst days!
3. People who assume, making an ass of you and me. (u +me)
4. a. Not nice persons who steal handicap parking spots, b. that includes surviving spouses…