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Calming cleansing breaths and busy work...

Are coping mechanisms that can work when dealing with stress, that is in lieu of hard drugs and heavy alcohol consumption, ha.
I do neither!
Oh and ice packs.
Although, some of my very legal prescribed medications ones can leave behind some damage.

Moving on...
So my mission was to clean all of Gus's things, toys and bedding and so I did.
Hubby took his larger doggy bed outside and put it in a bucket with laundry detergent and sloshed around and then with the garden hose he washed it down and left it there to dry in our eighty degree weather.

At this point we do not know if we will be donating them or saving them...the food is a whole other issue that we should donate now. We just had bought a year's worth of Heartguard to prevent against heart worms, but that lasts for a while. His Milk Bone treats were in a glass jar saying, Gus's treats, and that was emptied into the rest of the box that might need donating too... so sad, seeing everything.

Hubby and I each chose our f…