Friday, February 2, 2018

Blood work arrived via email with access online

That is accessing your own blood work online without a M.D. degree!
Ever since I saw that my cholesterol and LDL are at sky high levels even with all the medicine that I take to make them go down and that had been working...until now! They had been doing just fine previously, what gives I wonder, seriously?

Even my CKD, chronic kidney disease, that had gone from stage three, GFR 53, to stage two, GFR 61, and now back to a lower number stage three, GFR 50! Stage two being considered nearly normal.

My liver enzymes are twice as high as the numbers for their norms!
So I called the pharmacy to ask if the lasix, the only new medication could cause this, and yes it is possible I was told!
But also my statin medication that I have been on for a dozen years too!
I am screwed!

Although, I do not have a medical degree and I could be wrong... and I hope that I am.
I am happy to be able to talk it out here.
The doctor that had us go for the fasting blood work, our new internist, we see this coming week.
Hubby's was available too.
But he said he would wait.
He hasn't set up an account, like I did years ago.
He's so nonchalant about these things.
I sure hope he is alright; more worries for me.

Do you have access to your labs online and what do you do when you access them and see that they are not within the normal ranges?
Call the doctor?
Surf the net for answers?
Call the pharmacist?
Call a nurse?
Or patiently wait for your next medical office visit?
Ultimately, in the end it seems waiting is what I always have to do.
Patience is not my forte.
Oh well.

Too much time on my hands.

Happy night to all.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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