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Blood work arrived via email with access online

That is accessing your own blood work online without a M.D. degree!
Ever since I saw that my cholesterol and LDL are at sky high levels even with all the medicine that I take to make them go down and that had been working...until now! They had been doing just fine previously, what gives I wonder, seriously?

Even my CKD, chronic kidney disease, that had gone from stage three, GFR 53, to stage two, GFR 61, and now back to a lower number stage three, GFR 50! Stage two being considered nearly normal.

My liver enzymes are twice as high as the numbers for their norms!
So I called the pharmacy to ask if the lasix, the only new medication could cause this, and yes it is possible I was told!
But also my statin medication that I have been on for a dozen years too!
I am screwed!

Although, I do not have a medical degree and I could be wrong... and I hope that I am.
I am happy to be able to talk it out here.
The doctor that had us go for the fasting blood work, our new internist…