Sunday, December 24, 2017

Last night oh what a scary night... is when the eye or eyes in my case jump.
To me it is like seeing one of those silent movies, that I was not around for, before my time decades actually, but I must have seen it on TV.
That's it on TV, yup!
Any-who, add into that joyous problem, NOT, my now having exacerbated my intention/cerebellar tremor:, where my fingers and hands jump; without music.
And I Googled them both to see what is the treatment and now get this...1200 mg. of Gabapentin and possibly a pump for the Baclofen that I have been taking nearly 80 mg. nightly due to horrid spasms too! In my thighs legs and feet, just horrid.
Now the Gabapentin is the scary one and it is great for all that, but I had been on as much as 2100 mg., but tapered down in one week increments, since that is what you MUST do to ward off negative unwanted side effects.Most recently, these last several months to only 600 mg., three hundred in the morning and three hundred at bed time.
Now what?
Well, what I am going to do is try to get an appointment with my neuro for my Multiple Sclerosis, I just saw her about two weeks ago and things were better and we even discussed my tapering down to three hundred thus the delivery of that amount yesterday by USPS, yes their pharmacy at Humana Rx gave me the wrong tracking number!

I was doing so well that I even went shelling off our boat, you might recall I posted that here?
Then, my plantar fasciitis came back, so now two boots, yes both feet, and I hardly walk, and physical therapy for that and I am still going.
I am getting ultra sound and massages and icings.

You don't know how much fun it is separating my double clicks on letters on the keyboard or on this touch screen and my phone's too!
Thus even more grammatical mistakes with now spelling too, and I used to be an excellent speller, but with my cognitive issues...oh well...not very nice Christmas Eve fair, hmm?
One more thing since in my title, I have been falling asleep late with my CPAP on for my sleep Apnea, but I awake either early morning or during the night with the sensation of numbness from my neck down, like a paralysis nearly!
And I get where my voice gets so horse, like a whisper that Hubby cannot even hear me next to him, and no I am not dreaming nor having a night mare this is what happens... and then I worry I am having a stroke like Mom, Dad and my brother, but they were older than me... and then I remember that stroke is only on one side and this is both, but then I worry my cervical stenosis has caused this paralysis, and sure enough my neck hurts so Hubby now up gets my soft cervical collar that he cannot understand where it is since my voice is so soft...and this has happened before and it was just my MS taking a turn for the worse, again... but those two other symptoms escalated the nystagmus and my intention tremor, jumping beany me, ha!
Then I try the chant, in my head, since Hubby is back to sleep, "I may have MS but it doesn't have me!"
People have it on T shirts, and other propaganda that I have not subscribed to, too many different looks to this same nasty disease!
Confusing and scary at times.
Yep, my legs were rubber yesterday, but after I took another after breakfast nap... till 2:30 P.M.!
I wanted some lunch and my morning missed shower!
Hubby transformed my walker into a transporter, yup it does that with foot rest and everything!
And he rolled me into the roll in shower, but stopped short of helping me with the extra stuff like the shower itself! 
I removed my soft collar and clothing with a locked chair, and used the braces on three locations, and sat on the bench after securing my tube suctioned onto the marble seat.
Handheld sprayer and wall hung necessary items all right there, conditioner first then liquid soap lastly shampoo on the right.
See I already know placement, since my sight might very be compromised for a long time, forever.
No cure for nystagmus.
That with the intention tremor are absolute indicators that my MS is progressing more so scared.
Must stop, eyes are bad now...
Will try to maintain here as long as I can... I so need to tell ... that is Speak My Mind!
On the brighter side I did make Hubby who was reluctant take me to the boat parade to go in spite of my condition, but after leaving you all the site I never did open it, it had said they had changed the route, after all these years so we could not find them!
But we boated down the canals and saw those lovely decorations on docked boats and homes! Ta DA!

Happy Christmas Eve to ALL!


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