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Last night oh what a scary night... is when the eye or eyes in my case jump.
To me it is like seeing one of those silent movies, that I was not around for, before my time decades actually, but I must have seen it on TV.
That's it on TV, yup!
Any-who, add into that joyous problem, NOT, my now having exacerbated my intention/cerebellar tremor:, where my fingers and hands jump; without music.
And I Googled them both to see what is the treatment and now get this...1200 mg. of Gabapentin and possibly a pump for the Baclofen that I have been taking nearly 80 mg. nightly due to horrid spasms too! In my thighs legs and feet, just horrid.
Now the Gabapentin is the scary one and it is great for all that, but I had been on as much as 2100 mg., but tapered down in one week increments, since that is what you MUST do to ward off negative unwanted side effects.Most recently, these last several months to only 600 mg., three hundred in the morning and three hund…