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Words of wisdom

Our children are listening and learning from our commander and chief.
And what are they learning?
If you do not admit that you did something wrong, you didn't.

Okay, Geez I never tried that even when I was a kid.
Guess I wasn't smart enough to give it a go?
Yup, I even confessed to things I did not do...whoa I was dumb!
Oh that was only on one occasion and I thought I was protecting a friend, but then we both admitted we did smoke, so I did do it. I am an honesty wimp.
I was seventeen though, not in my seventies!
For other bad stuff as a child I usually got caught and reprimanded...verbally.
Probably should have lost privileges.
Wait a minute...

Sorry, did you miss me?
Just took a lighting the menorah break.
You see, sundown comes in the middle of my writing this.

Any-who, when I was a child many a friends' parents were into corporal punishment in the forms of spanking and one large family I recall having a fear of the other side of the hairbrush and or wooden spoon if th…