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Boating day

We had visited around our neighborhood via our vessel a cruise of our local canals to see how they were doing post Hurricane Irma.
You see, we do have a whole lot of snowbirds in the area.
Definition of snowbird: northerner who has second home to travel to when the snow or cold weather begins where they live the other half or quarter of the year!

We were never snowbirds when we moved here the deal was final, back on August 19, 1986.
 Although we did vacation here in Florida for short term visits on and off for ten years as a family; once as long as three weeks before then.
But I personally had first come to Florida the winter of 1957-58, and then again the summer of '67.
So we really knew our way around.

Charlotte County has significant mileage of man-made canals, yep fifty-five miles!
All the blue stuff is water and waterways! So we decided to do some touring nearby our own waterway B-7 and the rest of the alphabet area!

We found that many people had more damage than what we had…