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A day with truly nothing going on...for me!
Hubby was again busy working on squaring things away in the yard, even got out the pressure washer out for clean-up for the pool decking, patio and bird bath.

I on the other hand made sure meals were taken care of and that was easy with so many leftovers!
Even the frittata that I made yesterday we continued to consume again this morning for breakfast, and from what was left we will have another day's worth for tomorrow!

Easy to make, in your well oiled cast iron pan, I use Pam, and a smidge of olive oil, while preheating the oven to four hundred degrees saute your veggies, ours were spinach, onions, mushrooms and garlic, add in meat if so desired, usually ham or salami for us, then scramble four, five or six eggs according to how many people you are feeding, add water to the egg mixture and pour over the saute veggies and meat, lastly add in a selection of cheese(s) etc. cheddar, Swiss, Munster, sliced, diced or grated over the still st…