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Early tonight

Resting while staying in today.
Rarely do I have much excitement, in reality my perceived excitement may very well be tame for others.
Escaping a hurricane I suppose was a bit more realistic in the sense that was too very real in the danger department, and was mandatory to leave.

Yesterday, we received the paperwork from FEMA and today it was filled out and mailed.
A bit confusing at first, so Hubby tried calling to ask for clarification and the computerized voice said the wait would be 137 minutes, and so he hung up.

Thankfully amid the magnitude of papers sent in two separate envelopes there was a modicum of decipherable information and so we made copies of the necessary paperwork and got it into the snail mail as it came to us to go out today.

I had given the FEMA agent when I initially called our bank routing information for the reimbursement from the hotel expenses.
And according to what I was told its time frame is within ten days of receipt of all documentation.

Most adventur…