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Crafts, not art? Yup! Blog 3249.

Hubby cut the board, and I painted it a deep teal, glued wooden letters and embellished with dried flowers and clip art, located over the bed in the guest room. Trying to make any guest feel at home.
 Beige ceramic raised patterned lamp painted the monotone colored piece, and even the beige shade was painted white too!
Wrought iron and glass Walmart picture frame set, my idea of the famous encouraging lament. Card stock, clip art PICS again, and wooden letters again.
Hubby cut the wood that I requested to be shaped like drift wood, and then I painted it that color, driftwood, and again light blue calming wooden letters.
 Decoupage on a wooden plaque from JoAnne's , wooden letters. Clouds unicorns whatever calming dreams are made of...
I did not carve these flowers if I could I wood/would, ha, instead they were from an old friends no sale at our garage sale. Skipper was a pup then and teethed on them so to fix the all natural wood problem, I gave it some loudness!
 Bought letters aga…