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An international experiment

I thought that what I did earlier below could go viral on Facebook, and I am still waiting, now I would like to see if  just how much action Google gets even from its smallest quantities of pageviews Blogger.
Here's my average numbers for in a breakdown as well as ten of the countries that see my blog weekly, and even that fluctuates. This week so far... no Russia!
To see any of the PICS numbers clearer you can tap on them to enlarge.

I posted this today on Facebook asking how many people can see my post out of all my 5000 Facebook friends and 310 followers on there going well, but slow...

To respond to this with a name and location, no street addresses, just a city and a state or even just the country would be welcomed and you may do that right here in the comments section or on Facebook whichever is easier! The numbers are there but I would love to see you as the people you are and know from where you are in this vast world. Call this a social experiment with peaceful intentions…