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Arbor Day!

Trees in Nebraska, after an ice storm, in the early 20th century.Vintage Images / Getty Images Environment "This Is Why Arbor Day Is a Thing by Merrill Fabry
Nebraska was a largely treeless prairie region when, on April 10, 1872, it became the first state to celebrate Arbor Day by planting trees. The celebration came a few months after J. Sterling Morton, a vice-president of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture, first proposed to the Board that the day be set aside for tree planting and that they should offer a "special premium" or prize for the county and for the person that planted the most trees on that day. The Board approved his resolution. Reportedly, there were more than a million trees planted in the state that first year. Julius Sterling Morton had moved to the Nebraska Territory in the mid 1850s with his wife, Caroline Joy Morton, and while he worked as a newspaper editor and politician, they both soon became known for their love of trees. An 1885 Nebras…