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Made healthy ziti for dinner tonight!

Although, I succumbed to  Hubby's charms and agreed for us to have his regular pasta, no whole grain/ wheat or veggie streamers for him, too much to make two kinds for just us and I recently received two curly cue implements to achieve that veggie pasta concept...I do get away with a healthier fair in the sauce and cheeses selections of the creation of a more heart healthy, lower sodium meal, albeit still not Kosher, due to leaner chopped beef meat served with cheese.

Just over a cup of ziti noodles, cup runneth over, so to speak of those type of dried pastas, or elbow works too, in fact I added a splash to them too!
See when cooking for just us two my measurements have gone by the wayside... truth be known that has been historically, usually always, my way of cooking.

Any-who, the pastas should be cooked in boiling water according to their packaging directions.
Meanwhile slice those onions, mushrooms, and garlic and sautéed them together in a sprayed PAM pot with a tablespoon of…