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New ideas and old afters

Have you ever seen metal sphere wind socks, nah neither had we. Hubby's idea, emergency tape that he has leftover from his other life recycled! The spheres were actually moss filled planters at one time and opened up into halves. The plants hung lovely at one time, but when they were gone the plants passed on the spheres once again had another life as brightly neon colored garden balls, this is their third life use now as metal sphere wind non-socks but hanging up high in the trees! Off the ground again and this time sprayed with stainless steel colored Rustoleum ...yay they say! Not really but... you know me... more proof of me being me...
Below you will see that the duckling and the frog made it back into the garden from sitting on the edging. The only explanation has to be that they were not too sure of their new ground covered base. I guess they decided the eucalyptus mulch was A-OK!   Safe under that gardenia bush with amaryllis and cannas bulbs off to the left there.

 This …