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Oh I forgot to tell you...

Last Friday the Red Lobster gift card arrived; the general manager of our Port Charlotte Florida one is a woman of her word!
We had had a problem with their server there, her attitude and how she had served us, and so I had called a few days after our lunch and  I explained what had transpired and suggested that the server needed to be retrained and this was the resolve besides the assurance that the server would be spoken to, yep that is how to do business even when you aren't a stand alone small one.
In the olden days the customer was always right, but these days, at times, they seem to treat us customers as if they are doing us a favor taking our money! Dear businesses, without customers you have no BUSINESS! And believe me when I say that, since I have been a business person with two turnkey businesses and even a service business years ago and also a consumer like everyone else, so I know this to be true from both sides of the story!
And so I was relieved that I was heard wit…