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Refresh renew!

Many information sites have the origins of why the pineapple was decidedly used as a symbol for hospitality and welcoming, but they all agree that is what it represents, and so we have two. We get you coming and going, our front door's bell is ensconced in a brass pineapple, and our dock has a molded cement, I think, since it was found in the canal when we arrived in this home, any-who it has been painted two distinctive colors over the nearly nineteen years we have been in this particular home, first dark hunter green blending too well into its post, and most recently metallic gold for it o stand out and be noticed! Its drabness has been transformed once again with Hubby giving its spray today! WELCOME IT SHOUTS! Now what long-time Floridian, interpretation retiree, doesn't have at least one Flamingo in his/her lawn ornament collection, why they wouldn't be considered true old timer's of Florida if they didn't, so here we go paying homage to that great tradition …