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Brisket was bought for tomorrow!

Both at a Passover Seder and Easter dinner brisket of beef is an appropriate meal, and so since we celebrate both Hubby and I that is why we decided for tomorrow to serve that as one fine combo holiday meal!
No rolls will be served, but asparagus, sweet potatoes, and lotsa onions (somewhat of a tradition!).
I am currently marinating the brisket in a sauce that I made with fresh squeezed orange juice, unsweetened orange marmalade, honey, sodium free soy sauce, ketchup, sodium free beef bouillon, bay leaves, thyme, black cracked pepper, and garlic all of it in a Ziploc bag for overnight.
Tomorrow it will go into the slow cooker on high for five/six hours to become tender and delicious!
I could get up to do it earlier for twelve hours on low, but we eat so early at five P.M.  usually, and although many a day I am up then at five A.M., putting it in at eleven seems more logical and not so rushed.

Usually for holidays past, except Passover, I would make my French toast casserole that can …