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What or when or where was I when...

...people really, really knew what makes America great?
If I recall, as a child, I had been told that America was a land to come to since where my ancestors came from they had endured religious, financial, and political oppression in Europe.
Some left their roots abroad due to famine and diseases that had left only a few of their families member.
Others for just one horrific treatment after another came here to America for political asylum, since their freedoms to speak out, educate their children, professions and expressing their arts were met with harsh results, some were imprisoned others, family or neighbors or friends had been killed and that was their reasoning to leave ... and coming to America would and could welcome them all with open arms!
Again, isn't that why France gave us our Statue of Liberty?
But it originally was not for that purpose and yes it did evolve into what I stated, read this site:…