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Getting excited!

Then comes the reality check, previously depressing, but not this time!( I hope!)
Yes, a new idea in treatment for Multiple sclerosis.
Out of Columbus Ohio an IV medication given every six months only is becoming approved today!

"A Dr. Racke a neurologist at Ohio Sate University's Wexner Medical Center has been working on it,
and so along came a drug called ocrelizumab.
It's Racke's magic wand.
The drug, expected to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today, has been shown to halt the disease in patients with both relapsing MS and primary progressive MS"

Many drugs have been able to slow/ lessen relapses previously, but stopping them entirely is oh so wonderful!
Sign me up!

"In multiple sclerosis, an abnormal immune-system response leads to an attack of nerve fibers and the fatty myelin that surrounds them in the central nervous system. As the brain is damaged, symptoms can include loss of coordination or strength, numbness, vision…