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Hip hip hooray!

The bill has been scrapped!
Obamacare wins and stays!
GOP helped with the effort, by voting no!
The people have spoken!
Pres. DJ having a meltdown!
Nah... now he says its for the best?
Blame game begins...

No fake news here!
All truths.

Can life get any better?
Yup, bump the Trump!
Fence the Pence!


Moving on...

Had my dermatologist appointment today, recently scheduled due to a rash from perspiration thus the other reason of not going to independent exercise!
I have two medications that are strong topical steroids 2.5%!
My ear one is only 1% and chronic.
Since the doctor's office is local and my appointment was for after lunch we ate at home.
But did some errands after.
Bed Bath and Beyond for cheap cashews that Hubby loves, well not that cheap, fifteen bucks but we had a five dollar off coupon and more dish towels for our kitchen, ten bucks for five with 20% off!
Then on to Target for baskets for the top shelf in my closet to take all my purses and give them a neater home. T…