Wednesday, March 22, 2017

So I got off my arse and Hubby and I ...

...Got the hell out of Dodge today!
Although, our transport was our Dodge, Caravan that is.
And no, it was not for work or creativity or even volunteerism it was that six month long interval that was up and it was time to visit my current neuro!
I say current, since even though I see him that infrequently, we both, Hubby and I have reconsidered me trying once again to see a local woman neuro and she does have Multiple sclerosis high on her list in her arsenal of current treatment specialties.
I had seen this one when I was hospitalized back in 2009, first time on IV steroids then, and I never had an issue with her, only her billing department, a shame and a misunderstanding really.
Any-who, that was eight years ago and we will see... perhaps we can mend that fence, her office is less than two miles away, while today's doc's is one hundred round trip to Sarasota and back.
Meanwhile he gave me a prescription for the trifecta of MRI's, *w/wo brain, *w/wo cervical spine and *w/wo thoracic spine, he thought it hadn't been done since 2014, but I think it was a year later, either way I am due.
* with and without contrast
I just found out the one neuro before this last one, has died, he was older than us, and I had asked him why hadn't he retired and he had said that he couldn't. I never asked why, too nosey as it was...anyway he passed away only a month ago. His wife was wonderful and an OBGYN that I used to go to too.
We made a late afternoon/early evening of our escapism, with eating out dinner at the Olde World restaurant in North Port Florida: on the way home, it is just north of our Port Charlotte home. Hubby had their pot roast and minestrone soup with mashed potatoes and extra gravy, I had the broiled Basa and baked potato and minestrone soup. I gave Hubby most of my innards from my potato and the pasta from the minestrone, but I did finish the fish, ice water with lemons and limes on the side. Lately I have been asking for both and they all deliver.

It was a trip that varies in time constraints, according to traffic/ accidents or both or none, we took I75 up to exit 207 and arrived fifteen minutes before my appointment for three thirty, but we had left at two. We took the scenic route home, the Tamiami Trail/route 41 and that is why we arrived after leaving the doc's at four nearly getting there at five thirty to the restaurant, not home, eleven miles and twenty-two minutes from home.

All in all it was nice to get out again, it seemed like ages, but in reality it was just three days, ha!

On that note, sorry I am pooped...Mr. T/ Pres. DJ/ Orange Frothy Haired Guy, all the same thing, is constantly acting as per what we sadly have been known to call him, trumpism, and am I the only one who knows why he really chose Pence as a running mate? My theory is that he didn't give a trump-pence for us, get it?
Not funny.
But I am tired... so I will bid you all a better night and day tomorrow, and for me too!
Happy good night all!


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