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It would stand to reason, in my mind that if you are having surgery certain tests are appropriate prior to that surgery, correct?
I am talking at this intersection of my pre-op blood tests...
that had been done along with my heart and psychological testing, sleep apnea test, etc. for prior to my bariatric sleeve surgery.
I met all the necessary criteria for the surgery, because that was paid for in its entirety months ago by Medicare.
Then why would Medicare not see or realize that the blood work that been done prior to that surgery that they paid for, that is the surgery, in its entirety, would not include all pre-op necessities?
I have received for the "second" time a bill that was Medicare denied, so my AARP supplemental F plan cannot pay for it either. ( I also called them.)
So today instead of going to independent exercise I was on the phone with this issue that I thought had been taken care of months ago. When I had called my doctor's office who felt it was "…