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Where is Google out of?

Well, the best that I was able to Google is that Google is in many places, but the main location for the US is in Mountain View CA. here are other locations in the US of A:

The only reason I was wondering is because of Daylight Saving Time every year in the almost Spring I get a reprieve of an hour to write this blog and every Fall I get it taken away!
So now as of Sunday evening I am back on an eight o'clock  deadline, nice.
Oh in reality I do not have any.
Since no one is watching me...oh maybe dear sweet Barack or the CIA or some other entity that all I would say to them is a great BIG THANKS!
And keep reading folks, ha!

Moving on...

Last night we had some excitement not far from here in parts of Punta Gorda and Manasota Key both in Charlotte County Florida as well as Broward across on the east cost of our fine state all had tornadoes! The devastation was severe, but thankfully no one was inj…