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A day in River City AKA Punta Gorda Florida (Fat Point)

Reason for the visit initially to see my dermatologist for my six month check up, the usual for people who have had skin cancer all others yearly is recommended.  And this time was to discuss my itchy scalp with my hair loss, typical of my gastric sleeve surgery four and half months to six months later. Odd Hubby has not noticed my wads of hair coming out, that will grow back BTW. Safe to color too, and I do have a scalp issue that did need prescription intervention of steroid rinse that the local pharmacy will not have in until Saturday! My head has been so bad I thought I was scratching it bloody!   After that not too far from the doctor's office we parked in our almost always sure thing spot, that's our Cashmere colored Van in the lot right there through that opening, see it?  Next stop Jacks on Marion right next door. Two ice waters with lemons and limes, Hubby's roast beef au jus with seasoned fries, my Calypso seafood soup with a Hail Caesar salad, anchovies include…