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Keeping up with the Pres. DJ and his ludicrous statements and split personality or perhaps just his battle within himself of trying to figure out just how to be presidential and how he is supposed to act without a class or cheat sheet on that; just my theory though...  or could be attributed to him ditching the classes on civics, American history, the constitution et al, geography, maps keep changing and countries names keep changing too, so not all his fault, math though, yep, he still gets his numbers, stats etc. all wrong where did he go to school, not one of too much higher learning, home schooling perhaps, with nobody there to teach him, more than likely?
Perhaps, his papa felt after all was tried and done for him that he would just toss big bucks at the lad, since that is the only way he could, maybe succeed at any endeavor?
Oh misguided dear papa of DJ must be rolling in his grave, wherever you are residing these days, down or up, since apples rarely fall far from the tr…