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Oscar night! And who are you wearing?

Gosh, don't we all miss what's her name, can we talk?
Of course we all know who that is, Joan Rivers!
She might have been the first to ask that question there, and no one was wary of its meaning, they all knew when Joan asked "who are you wearing", you better be ready with that loaners designer's name, since that is why they would lend them for the commercial appeal! And not once did anyone misinterpret that provocative question as being "dirty".
Whether it be jewels or gowns, Harry Winston: comes to mind as Dior: and now all the ones who have followed in their footsteps over the years!
The clothes have always been nearly as exciting as the nominees and winners are to definitely catch a glimpse before the awards are given!
The music is always there too,  whether out in front and center or behind the scenes, e…