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Fun Sun!

Not the kind outside, oh wait yes it is, but in a decorative wall plaque.
It had been a brass colored metal, not real brass since it rusted, and so Hubby sprayed it white after he scraped the rust off and handed it over to me inside; it was then basically a blank canvas.
The new mellow yellow walls that he had given to us needed a pop of color, and as anyone who knows me knows I love blue and so...I took my true blue acrylic paint and started painting every other burst, thinking that I would alternate with gold or apple green or what-have-you, but when I did just the burst parts it still looked odd and not what I was going for, a statement piece. After all it is going back on the front of the house, where the brass of its previous self had been.
So I made a  bold move and painted the whole thing that true blue, bursts, plated face and everything!
Still not quite right and so in the old days I would have done my splatter technique outside, but I was indoors and although I use plastic …