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I awoke with the base of my right thumb bruised and swollen, and my left hand on top having the feeling of those small bones aching and oh so sore! Now my left arm is so bad I am writing all this with one hand, actually one finger!

Consequently, I had a very interesting physical therapy session today.
Mostly, the third year grad student, Amy, had to be creative in figuring out just what I could do.
I did do the all over exercise machine on a lower setting of three today, and I did not hold on too tightly with barely grasping of my hands on the holders, no thumbs required.
Then I went over to the raised mat, and did some leg thingies, but then my back went into spasms!

Did you ever have a day where you should have never left the house?
Me too!
Sadly too many to count!

Any-who, with all that said I guess you will understand if I make this a shorty tonight... take care and live life to the fullest, yep another PT session tomorrow, and it is possible tomorrow could be better, a whole lot…