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Interesting ending... the game!
I had taken the side of the underdog, the Pats and Hubby did not realize his choice was actually the favorite to win, the Falcons; for he too thought his choice was the underdog, and he was absolutely correct in the end, hmm?
But I had watched the doggy's choice of the Falcons the previous Friday morning on the Today Show, and thought foolishly that the New England Patriots this time were the underdog, since that dog was always right and even he chose the Flacons!
Sadly I had no money on the game, if I had I would have won a bundle!
That same logic fooled me with our presidential election I thought my choice was a shoe in, but again I was wrong, devastated that time and still am! Geez, and that was just three months ago!
Feels like yesterday.

That time I was voting for who I wanted and thought who was the favorite to win, a sure thing, although to some who voted she was the lesser of two evils, but a win for sure... but damn I was very, very wrong we were al…