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2016 Taxes all done!

Nice feeling of taking care of that, and no worries about when we are to get a refund, because for the last several years we don't get one!
We also are qualified all these last several years for 'free file', with H & R Block.
But we take ours to the post office to mail in instead of filing online; this way we are assured of a hard copy and we make sure our signatures are on there too.
We had filed online for a couple of years, but it was iffy to say the least.
In the long ago old days we even had an accountant when we were in business, but of course, then went in person to H & R Block's offices when working and had more complicated forms to fill out.
One year there was a mistake that the IRS made that they owed us $500 in an overcharge by them, and another year they gave us five hundred too much by mistake and they made us, of course pay it back in interest and increments since at the time that was a lot of money for us! Still is.
Our relationship has been int…