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Did you ever start to look for something in your home and...

... realized that maybe, just maybe if that drawer or closet was better organized that you might have not wasted so much time?
Oh well, I found another needy to be refreshed and organized area and that was my craft's drawer in the laundry room, used to be where the cat litter was stored and Casey our long haired orange Tabby with amber eyes who passed away about seven years ago had a circular entrance with his name on his door. After we waited for a while of mourning and did not get another cat I suggested ordering another closed door that matched the raised panels of the custom laundry room cabinet closet company that had installed them, the doors and so we did. Hubby had made a slide out drawer to make it easier access.
PS we still have the circular door if for any reason we changed our minds, an easy reversal of the cubby can be done.
Anyway...I was looking for a couple of specific colors in my acrylics that I knew I had but couldn't seem to locate, gold and teal.