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I am sooooo proud of all my sisters!

As far as I can tell the Women's March was a great success!
We are the fairer sex we have been told and yes we are! Our decisiveness is our mainstay!
Women consider all others and commiserate with compassion, love and understanding, and yet we will not be put down for our strengths of beliefs in what is right due to our uncanny ability to utilize our uncommon sense in the toughest of situations! We understand everyone's needs to be able to choose what is right for them and them alone without being judgmental, but with caring support.
We love profusely, we fight with our wits and care as much as we can to make things right for all people not ever just ourselves, so we unselfishly want to be there to help others succeed and pull them up with us, never push them down, we are equal to all, never better or worse.
We have succeeded in every profession from doctors to nurses and teachers, to engineers to astronauts to CEOs, from mothers to volunteers and on and on we go!
Our feeling…