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No luck for me today!

No additional organization with grants yet for my asthma medication although two said to continue to check back.

On the brighter side my Canadian prescription has been processed and shipped today!
At least it did show up on my credit card and that is what they had said they charge you when they ship,
So YAY for that.

Bad luck with my right hand is now more swollen and bruised looking from my basilar arthritis that was actually ready for surgery 16 years ago!
I guess I temporarily have to stay off of it, ha!
Hubby is called for more kitchen jobs than before, like scooping my drop biscuits that were to go with our pot roasted dinner, unfortunately my pressure cooker about thirty year's old and stainless, my first was aluminum but when they came out with aluminum causing Alzheimer's I no longer used it and my mother-in-law bought us both of them as gifts and this newer one included, and ironically she was the one who ended up with dementia! Oh and this one…