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Medicare folks unite by getting a handle on tier 3, 4, 5 medications!

Donut holes beware! Oh and any others who cannot afford the higher medication prices!

Healthwell @ 1-800-675-87416

TEVA Cares @1-888-838-2872
MS and other made by them products

RXAssistance @1-866-978-9382

NeedyMeds @1-800-675-8416

Patient Access Network
Foundation @ 1-800-806-7501
For Multiple sclerosis medications
And also asthma meds when grants are extended for them, as for all non-profit organizations, so waiting on that one too. Have to call every few days I was told to check they usually do cover medication for asthma too.

Many more are out there... as well as many BIG Pharmas that do have assistance programs, but meeting their criteria is iffy for many, unless really financially strapped, but it never hurts to try.
Some caps are extremely high for income surprisingly.

Moving on... not too far afield.

Quiet is sometim…