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Stay Vacay!

Anytime we eat out twice in one day while living here in vacationland, FLORIDA USA I feel it necessary to call us on having a stay vacay, or vacation for you purists!
Actually, the reasoning for eating out twice in one day had nothing to do with needing or wanting a vacation, but more to do with convenience.
You see, whenever I am scheduled, usually yearly unless in need sooner, to see my Dr. Nord, our mutual internist, I have to go in for a fasting blood work the week before that appointment.(My A1c is one of those tests and hopefully I will now be out of the threat of type two diabetes that I have been battling since 2009 with borderline numbers of 5.7-6.1, I believe below 5.4 is in the clear!)

And after we usually eat breakfast out, and we did since I had PT at 10:45A.M. today.
But you see that also goes into lunch time being done so close to noon and all and so we ate that out too!
Breakfast at the Olympia restaurant, is where I had a poached egg and whole wheat toast and a very …