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They have been watching little ole me, why?


102 this week alone, 228 for the month so far Russian count.

5, 294 all time in my entire blogging history to date, those are views from there, Russia, of my blog.

This month so far for all ten countries including USA is so far 6,719.

All time history to date, 89,149 of everyone.



Paranoia is a strange thing.

But with Pres-elect DJ so much in the news with his chosen cabinet and his making nice nice with Putin and all maybe they think all "BLOGGERS" are politicos with commentary on their fair-orange-haired child/man with some regularity?

I am NOT reporting what I think this round.



Concern for my safety?


Who knows...

These are scary times.

Even the legit press is taking a breather, trying to regain equilibrium, how can I compete with them and they with so much ability to gain entry into the inner sanctum of the narcissistic fool's actual tweets when I don't even use my acco…