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Open to interpretation...

This morning I received a call from the bariatric doctor's nurse with the two problems on my tests.
She, Mary, told me that I will be scheduled to see a hematologist since my blood work showed that I was slightly having clotting issues.
Actually, what she did is give me the name and phone number of the dr's office to call and that she was faxing over the blood work to there.
The first was the main number in Sarasota, I had been told they were in Venice, anyway, that number led me to another number of their new patient coordinator who was kind enough to tell me that I could go to the more local office in Port Charlotte, and when the address was given it was less than two miles from our home.
So they should be calling tomorrow, if not I am to call them.
I was also told that I had an urinary infection that my internist Dr. Nord was also faxed my test results and that she would want to see me and come in for that problem.
Usually they call when they get the info, but when I hadn…