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Power outage, new installation, count down to new dietary restrictions

Last night we had rather a stormy evening, rain accumulations in the several inches range. Some areas flooded, but not us we instead as a result of lightning hitting a transformer in our neighborhood our power along with 137 other homes was out for hours!
Exciting and frustrating, although not as hot as a daytime power outage. Our daytime temps are still in the nineties with heat indexes in the over one hundred range. So the later these things happen the slightly less dreadful they are to contend with, although the indoor house temp did rise into the eighties!
No need for the generators, the two that we have, since I used my ice packs and did not complain, so Hubby never asked, besides I fell asleep.
Better that way.
I had, had my breathing apparatus on when the failure occurred.
I took it off when the house went silent.
By the time it came back on a few hours later I apparently was still asleep.Today was the new air install.
A Carrier, 14 seer, two ton for our modest home.
I have bee…