Monday, June 27, 2016


...I am quite a talker.
Many people I know enjoy that too, talking that is, duh, how else can we communicate in person with getting our interest, thoughts, and wants and needs expressed; truly?
Although, women appear to get those voices out more readily than many men, not all, but those so-called: the strong silent types with the idea that being too talkative is just nasty noise, ya know what I am saying, true?
Yep, been told that.
Of course I do have a little problem with dead air, as if on a radio show, think about that one...enough, got the concept, and its no good at all!
Not very nice to hear not-a-thing, ya know?
Some have suggested that people who blog are self-centered narcissistic people, and no I have never considered myself at all like the Frothy Orange Haired Guy the presumptive nominee on the GOP side; I'm way too liberal for that, heaven forbid!
Sorry if I appear that way, but I cannot understand that lump summery of anyone's personality.
I feel that since my life took a quieter turn these last several years that notating what goes on in it makes it to me seem not as boring.
We all need some reassurance or self assurance.
At times though any of you that have read anything that I have written over the years do know that we have had some times that were more energized with happenings than others.
Ups and downs.
Babble is nonsense and sure I have claims to that too.
Lulls and peaks are normal.
Some last for days, months or years.
Sounding boards are all of you.
Fascinating and great listeners.
Never interrupting when I speak, in my blogger voice that is.
As I do not interfere when you say your peace too.
The absolutely real reason I continue to blog is to know that on any given day I can try to recall what has happened and then I know that I am still capable of thought and some forms of actions, okay?

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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