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...I am quite a talker.
Many people I know enjoy that too, talking that is, duh, how else can we communicate in person with getting our interest, thoughts, and wants and needs expressed; truly?
Although, women appear to get those voices out more readily than many men, not all, but those so-called: the strong silent types with the idea that being too talkative is just nasty noise, ya know what I am saying, true?
Yep, been told that.
Of course I do have a little problem with dead air, as if on a radio show, think about that one...enough, got the concept, and its no good at all!
Not very nice to hear not-a-thing, ya know?
Some have suggested that people who blog are self-centered narcissistic people, and no I have never considered myself at all like the Frothy Orange Haired Guy the presumptive nominee on the GOP side; I'm way too liberal for that, heaven forbid!
Sorry if I appear that way, but I cannot understand that lump summery of anyone's personality.
I feel that since my li…